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!! We offer Qualy Power Washing Services in the Area at Prices you can Afford !!
Thank you for considering Deck Care of Northern Virginia as your choice for all your cleaning and restoration     projects.we offer a broad range of power washing services that will safely complete your Cleaning project.

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Deck Cleaning Process

•Apply safe Pre-Cleaner, "Allows for a non aggressive power wash, safely removes
mold, mildew, algae and dead wood fiber."
•Using Low Pressure we'll Power wash all wood surfaces.
•Brighten all Cleaned Wood. "Restores natural wood tones."
COMPLETION: Upon completion, the surrounding work area is rinsed off.

   Deck Brightening utilizes a wood cleaner that...
1) Removes gray wood fibers and kills mildew & mold.
2) Oxygenates the wood to make it more porous. This allows the sealant
  to penetrate deeper to the core of the board.

In general, the use of a Deck Brightener -- as opposed to merely washing with water -- increases the longevity of the treatment by as much as 50%. This can save the homeowner hundreds, even thousands of dollars in repeat treatments throughout the life of their deck.

We offer Power Washing Services to Residents in Fairfax, Herndon, Arlington and Surrounding areas.
      We Also do Small Deck Repairs, Replace Boards & Rails and Seasonal Gutter Cleaning
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